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Tabby World is dedicated to our first Tabby cat Brady, and all the cats and dogs that bring joy and companionship to their pet parents.

I first picked out Brady from the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society because I was specifically looking for a cat with their distinctive tabby coloring. A tabby is not a species of cat but a style of marking with an M over its forehead, stripes on its eyes and stripes on its body going down to the tail. 

We lost Brady in the summer of 2019 due to complications from diabetes. But out of our experience came Tabby World, dedicated to searching throughout the world for products that make cats and dogs lives more interesting, fulfilling and healthy, while also making the lives of pet parents easier.

Tabby World is located in the exciting Fulton Market district of Chicago's West Loop. 

All varieties of cats and dogs are welcome here!


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